Kool Kidz Camps

Parents Questions and Answers for Kool Kidz Camps.

Q: Who are your staff?

We ensure all our staff are fully DBS checked and 50% of our staff are NVQ level 3 qualified in child care. We take a lot of time selecting the right staff for our camps. It is essential that they are kind, caring, approachable and highly motivated. All staff are fully trained and understand that our high standards are extremely important to us. During their training they will gain knowledge of our policies which include: equal opportunities, special needs care, behaviour and bullying awareness, child protection, health and safety, risk assessments and much more.

Q: What are the arrival and collection times?

Our am session starts at 09.00 and our doors open at 08.55 so children can be signed in. This session finishes at 12.00 and children are to be promptly collected by an authorised person.

Our pm session starts at 13.00 and our doors open at 12.55 to register the children. This session finishes at 16.00 and again children are to be promptly collected by an authorised person.

If your child is to be booked in for a full day you can drop your child off at 08.55 and collect them at 16.00.

We do run two additional services, our Early Starters (8am-9am) and our Late Leavers Club (4pm-5pm), both at additional cost.

Q: What if I am late picking up my child?

If you are late picking up your child, we will look after them until you or an authorised person arrives. For the protection of your children, no child will be released to an unauthorised person. Each parent will have to choose their own security number or password (we recommend storing it on your phone if need be), and when collecting children, the authorised person should sign the attendance book, and be prepared to quote the security number. An additional charge of £5.00 per quarter of an hour will be made for any child who has not been collected by an authorised person by the time they are due to be collected.

Q: What should my child wear?

Please make sure all children wear comfortable clothes and trainers. If the weather is hot make sure they bring a hat with them and sun cream is to be applied before they arrive at camp. If the weather is cold or wet make sure they bring waterproof coats and jumpers.

Q: What should my child bring with them?

It is important that they bring the correct clothing depending on the weather. We will provide squash and a small snack for every child, however they may bring an additional drink and snack if necessary. If your child is staying for a full day make sure they bring a packed lunch with an ice block to keep it cool in hot weather. If your child attends a day with arts and crafts please supply them with an old T-shirt.

Q: What happens if it rains?

In the event of rain, we have access to the school hall and a number of the class rooms.

Q: What if my child is ill or has an accident at camp?

There are a number of first aid qualified staff at each camp. All accidents are recorded in our ‘Incidents book’ including any bumps, knocks or grazes. Should a child suffer a more serious injury or fall ill you will be contacted immediately.